Two More Arrests in Wilson, Howell Ponzi Scheme

A pair from Arizona who allegedly conspired with Mauldin's Wallace Lindsey Howell in the scheme reportedly to be extradited to the Upstate for prosecution.

Two people alleged to have taken part in a massive silver ponzi scheme masterminded by Anderson County Councilman Ron Wilson and will reportedly be extradited from Arizona to the Upstate to be tried, WYFF reported.

According to the report, a recently unsealed indictment showed Howell allegedly concealed money from the scheme's hundreds of victims by "hiding and transferring" assets to Gordon and Benton Hall of Arizona, the station reported.

The indictment alleges Howell transferred at least $1.5 million to the Halls, along with other assets, including title to two properties in Fountain Inn, a truck, gold coins, a bag of silver, and more, the report said.

In exchange, the Halls were to pay Howell a stipend for the rest of his life, along with other benefits.

The indictment says the Halls will face charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States, and attempt and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

Read the original article here for more details.


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