Greenville Downtown Airport Celebrating SC Aviation Week

Greenville Downtown Airport will celebrate with special giveaways, including a different Disney's "Planes" plane airplane each day this week.

The Greenville Downtown Airport is celebrating South Carolina Aviation Week this week with some special giveaways.

The Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU) will be giving out merchandise related to Disney's new movie “Planes.”

They'll be handing out paper airplanes, posters and other fun items, according to Lara Kaufmann, the airport's public relations director.  

Each day starting at 11 am the first 100 kids, or adults for that matter, to arrive can pick up a different Disney Plane character's paper airplane, and instructions on how to make it, at the Runway Cafe located at 21 Airport Road Ext., Greenville, SC 29607

On Saturday, to wind up the week, there will also be posters and other promotional items available... while supplies last.

No purchase is necessary and people can enjoy the free aviation themed park, which is also located there, during their visit. 

See:  http://www.runwaycafegmu.com  and http://www.greenvilledowntownairport.com/ParkProject.html for more information.

The following “Planes” paper airplanes will be given out on the following days this week:

Monday - "Bulldog" paper airplane

Tuesday - "Tshani" paper airplane

Wednesday - "Ripslinger" paper airplane

Thursday -  "Rochelle" paper airplane

Friday -  "El Chupacabra" paper airplane

Saturday -  "Dusty" paper airplane, along with posters, coloring sheets and other "PLANES" items.

“We are doing this because the Disney movie "Planes" came out on August 9th and we are thrilled that kids are getting excited about aviation,” Kaufmann said.

For more information about the Disney Planes movie please see:  http://movies.disney.com/planes and http://www.google.com/movies?hl=en&near=Greenville,+SC&dq=planes+movie+showtimes&sort=1&q=planes+movie+showtimes&sa=X&ei=6M4PUsCQEo2A2AWRk4DgDQ&ved=0CFYQwAMoFQ

You can also visit the Propwash Junction Patch to learn more about Disney's “Planes.

For more information about GMU please visit http://www.greenvilledowntownairport.com/AirportInformation.html

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley proclaimed August 19 – August 23, 2013 as South Carolina Aviation Week. The South Carolina Aeronautics Commission (SCAC) has partnered with the South Carolina Aviation Association (SCAA) to develop a week that promotes, educates and celebrates the aviation industry in South Carolina.

“South Carolina’s airport system plays a vital role in the state’s transportation network and economy,” said SCAC’s Executive Director, Paul Werts. “Not only does Aeronautics support the development and maintenance of our local airports, but we try to promote and foster aviation education and connections to the workforce through economic development.” Overseeing the safety and development of the state’s public use airports and providing safe and reliable air transportation for state government and business prospects are also important parts of the Aeronautics mission. This National Aviation Week is designed to increase public awareness, knowledge and appreciation of aviation in four areas: Airports, Aviation Safety, Aviation Military and the Aerospace Industry.”

In 2012, over 3.6 million people boarded commercial flights in South Carolina. In addition, more than 102 million pounds of cargo was transported by air last year. South Carolina’s aviation system includes 60 public use aviation facilities, six of which are commercial service airports.

“Safety is always a priority,” added Werts, “but we need to introduce students to the possibilities of being involved in aviation, and we need to connect these students to the workforce in South Carolina. Introducing students to aviation is one of the focuses for SCAC and for the past two summers, we have sponsored a week long Aviation Science Summer Camp attended by 50 outstanding high school students from across South Carolina. This camp has been highly successful and we look forward to continuing this endeavor. In addition, SCAC has been working closely with the Richland One School District/Challenger Leaning District to encourage expansion of their programs to students interested in aerospace and aviation careers.

In addition the Scholarship Golf Tournament will be held on Friday, August 23rd. This is one of the efforts sponsored by the SCAA to fund scholarships for students interested in the fields of aviation and aerospace. We need your sponsorship and/or participation in this event so please consider providing your support.

Aviation Week activities include a Media Day, and Industry Appreciation Day, Safety Day, and a Scholarship Golf tournament. Resource packets have been provided to all of the public use airports, flights will take place to fly-a –reporter, airport open houses are scheduled, the South Carolina Aviation Safety Council and the South Carolina Aviation Safety Round Table will be having meetings to discuss airport, pilot, mechanic, and industry related safety and operational topics. An Industry Appreciation Dinner will be taking place to provide recognition for the industries that provide aviation/aerospace related jobs to South Carolinians, and the Scholarship Golf Tournament will assist those that have aviation dreams become realities.

For More Information, visit www.scaaonline.com and check out the Aviation Week link under the News and Events tab, or contact the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission at (800) 922-0574.


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